Space-Time Standards Laboratory

The Space-Time Standards laboratory has been developing technologies for the generation, comparison and dissemination of precision time and frequency as the basis for communication technology and metrology.

First, as a fundamental technology to support life and industry, we are continuously generating and providing Japan Standard Time with high stability. Atomic clocks are the source of accurate frequency to maintain such stable standard time. We develop Cs primary frequency standards, which realize the definition of the second. We also develop optical clocks which can detect even tiny relativistic effects. To utilize optical clocks, it is essential to measure and to transfer signals with highly stable frequency. We are developing time and frequency transfer techniques on a global scale by utilizing satellites and radio stars. Moreover, we exploer new research fields in time and freqeuncy metrology, e.g. in the THz domain.

Driven by our research mission, we will contribute to the development of national standards for infrastructure and advanced measurement technology.

Director : Tetsuya Ido

Strontium Optical Lattice Clock

Japan Standard Time System

Sites and Directions

Ohtakadoya-yama LF Station

Tamura, Fukushima

Hagane-yama LF Station

Saga, Saga