Space Environment Laboratory

Improvement of monitoring and forecasting technology of the space environment and implementation of space weather forecasting service

Space weather forecasting has become increasingly relevant to the social life of human beings.

Space environment disturbances originating from solar activities affect the the earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere, and they threaten the safe use of social infrastructure in terms of the disruption of communication and broadcasting systems, the malfunction of artificial satellites, etc. Those natural phenomena are called "space weather".

To contribute to the reduction of disasters caused by space weather, we are conducting research and development on observation technology for monitoring the current status, simulation/data assimilation/AI technologies for prediction, and applications that meet user needs, with the aim of improving the accuracy of space weather prediction and expanding its actual use.

We also provide space weather forecasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Director : TSUGAWA Takuya

DSCOVR Receiving Antenna

Space Weather Forecast Center


Sites and Directions

Kokubunji Radio Observatory

Koganei, Tokyo

Sarobetsu Radio Observation Facility

Tomito, Hokkaido

Yamagawa Radio Observation Facility

Ibusuki, Kagoshima

Ogimi Radio Observation Facility

Ogimi, Okinawa