The Radio Wave Research Laboratory consists of three centers and five laboratories. Each research center aims to realize Society 5.0 by conducting the following activities.

Radio Propagation Research Center

We will use electromagnetic waves to solve social issues such as disaster prevention and mitigation by conducting research and development of technologies to monitor the state of the atmosphere and land surface and analyze and predict the atmosphere and land surface using the information obtained. We will also develop advanced technologies for monitoring, predicting, and warning the space environment's current status and contribute to the advanced use of radio waves in agriculture and social infrastructure besides regular use for disaster monitoring.

Director General : Mamoru Ishii

Electromagnetic Standards Research Center

By generating and supplying frequency and time standards to society, we will contribute to social functions and conduct research and development to utilize extremely high-precision time and frequency standards for society. We will also conduct research and development to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) between sophisticated communication equipment and electrical and electronic equipment and ensure EMC necessary for the safe and secure use of new wireless systems.

Director General : Yuko Hanado