The Radio Wave Research Laboratory consists of three centers and five laboratories. Each research center aims to realize Society 5.0 by conducting the activities as follows.

Radio Propagation Research Center

We will use electromagnetic waves to help solve social issues such as disaster prevention and mitigation by conducting research and development of technologies to monitor and analyze the condition of the atmosphere and land surface, and predict natural disasters using the information obtained. We will also develop advanced technologies for monitoring, forecasting, and providing warning regarding the status of space environment, and contribute to the advanced use of radio waves in social infrastructure besides their regular use for disaster monitoring.

Director General : ISHII Mamoru

Electromagnetic Standards Research Center

We are engaged in establishing technical criteria and standards related to electromagnetic waves necessary for maintaining the infrastructure of modern society and for further development of science and technology in the two included laboratories. The Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory conducts research and provides public services relevant to the evaluation of electromagnetic interferences and safety between various devices and systems. The Space-Time Standards Laboratory conducts research and provides public services relevant to the generation, dissemination, and utilization of accurate time and frequency.

Director General : HANADO Yuko

Applied Electromagnetic Research Center

The Applied Electromagnetic Research Center carries out research and development aimed at the production of diffractive optical elements using digital hologram printing and the establishment of precision optical measurement techniques. This center also promotes challenging and exploratory research, as well as industrial applications of electromagnetic technologies, international and/or interdisciplinary cooperation.

Director General : FUKUNAGA Kaori