Digital Optics Laboratory

The Digital Optics Laboratory conducts research and development on diffractive optical technology and technology transfer in collaboration with domestic and international organizations.

We conduct research and development of the production of diffractive optical elements by digital hologram printing, and we aim to establish stable printing and compensation technologies. The printed optical elements will be used to promote applications such as highly efficient and inexpensive optical communication modules that support the Beyond 5G era, three-dimensional in-vehicle head-up displays, and next-generation AR systems.

We will also conduct research and development of precision optical measurement technology using digital holograms to optimize the amount of calculation related to hologram data, and to achieve high S/N and low noise in imaging systems, which will be applied to microscopes.

Director : OI Ryutaro

With hologram printing, diffractive optical elements and holographic photographs can be produced without any variation.

Holographic microscope with natural light (top left), holographic projection system (top right), hologram printer (wavefront printer) (bottom row)